diddySean ‘Diddy’ Combs took time off from the Bad Boy tour to head up to his hometown of Harlem,NY and celebrate the opening of his first Prep School. 

Combs partnered with Dr.Steve Perry in opening Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School in East Harlem.  And who better then Dr.Perry? As on of Dr.Perry’s accomplishments already include a successful Prep in the heart of Hartford, Connecticut. Besides he’s easy on the eyes, is he not ladies? (see photo below)

steve perryThe opening of the Harlem Prep has been 5 years in the works and Sean Combs couldn’t be more excited about it.  And for the schools first year they chose to offer the 6-7th grade and out of 1000 or more applicants they randomly handpicked 177 children to attend.  The school hopes have 700 students or more in the years to come ranging in grades 6th-12th Grade, and if they had it their way by 2021 would be the ideal time frame.

This is one more piece of Legacy he can leave behind for generations to come and its a big improvement of life for the the Children of the East Harlem neighborhood in which the school has been established.  I look forward to hearing stories of those lives changed for the better and of the opportunities the quality of their education provided.  Thanks Sean, you are Bad Boy, but also a Good Man.

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