HEATHER LYNN SEBRAThis story is a prime example of why you cant go fighting your children’s battles,  a Virginia mother Heather Sebra added insult to injury after her son attacked and pummeled one of his fellow classmates.  John Thomas a 9th Grader on the freshman Football team was minding his business speaking with another player on the team, when Sebra’s son an 11th grader inserted himself into their conversation.

  Thomas told Sebra’s son to mind his business, from there the young man left and returned with his mother and a the confrontation took place.  After Thomas and the young man were pulled apart Heather Sebra took it upon herself to chastise and slap John Thomas, which why she herself is being charged with assault.


A Virginia mother who smacked a defenseless black teen moments after her son had been pummeling him has been charged with assault.

In the 40-second clip, a Northumberland High School student is seen charging at John Thomas, quickly taking him down, slamming the teen several times on the ground and unloading a flurry of punches at the young boy’s head.

The boy’s mother, identified as Heather Lynn Sebra, joins in the beating, pulling off the teen and hitting him with a loud slap across his face.


I honestly don’t care if the boy was black, white, green or blue that woman should’ve never placed her hands on that child.  She should be held accountable and I’m glad that the local Sheriffs office recognized that and charged her. Now she’ll think twice before she put her hands on anyone else child or anyone for that matter.  People better start recognizing that you might get away with some, but you can never get away with all things shady.People’s ugly ways always come to light, especially when you mess with a child of God.

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