dc-young-fly-jacky-ohLove was found on the set of Nick Cannon’s highly successful MTV show Wild’n Out, between Comic/Rapper DC Young Fly and Wild’n Out Girl Jacky Oh. 


And it didn’t take long after til they fell into the parenthood trap. They’ve been dating a little over a year and she’s all of 8-9 months pregnant and due any day now.

D.C and Jacky are expecting a little girl, : )..


They look like their in love, it just makes you wonder “if they didn’t have this baby on the way, would they still be together?”  It seems fun and all lovey-dovey till that wailing baby gets here, daddy is gone on the road more and mommy’s at home.  No longer living the active day or night life she’s use to.  You have to be a very selfless person to be a great parent, and learn how to put your child’s need before yours.

That’s easier said then done, especially when your a mother.  Because than people are looking to you to attend to that child and expect you to be the constant in the child’s most formative years.  Or than that woman is a bad mother if she’d chose her career over that and a father or man can be excused for his absence in a majority of cases. jackyoh

I’m not saying it’ll be her life, but its best she put’s a plan in place for her life after baby.  Set yourself a signal to raise in order to recognize when your ready to go back to work.  Know with whom and where you’d feel comfortable leaving your child, cause that’s just half the battle.

We’ll see how it plays out, as of now my theory is just speculative in nature and besides all that I believe that they will be great parents.  jacky-oh-joselineJacky Oh & Ms.Joseline Hernandez spotted out together at an event a few weeks back.  2 of the hottest pregnant women in Los Angeles right now on the scene.

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