ncSince the death of Keith Scott, who was fatally shot by Policemen Tuesday, all hell has broken loose in Charlotte,NC.  He’d just been shot and killed yesterday while waiting for his son to get out of school and it didn’t take long for riots and protest to break out as people have been doing it off and on since last night.  The news claimed several cops last night were injured by people throwing objects at them and today several more. 

Tonight moments ago a man was shot as reportedly a group of people tried to get past Police to attempt to go inside the Omni Hotel in Charlotte .  It’s unknown as of now if the man is dead or alive and still a lot unanswered questions. There’s been conflicting stories on who’d shot the man.

I decided to do my own research and so far the stories aren’t lining up between what mainstream media is saying and what citizens live on the scene are reporting. For instance on my local news there saying another civilian shot the man and the Police had nothing to do with it and in the video I have posted below, you hear a completely different story.

So we’ll have to wait on yet another official investigation to be done, which will probably lead to more protest and in the interim more deaths.  It’ll be a never ending cycle with trigger happy Charlotte PD, considering it was just 2 1/2 months ago the state passed a law to not release Police Video/Dashcam footage, not immediately if at all anyways-NC Gov Signs Bill To Keep Police Body Cam Footage Private

Which I wrote about on this here blog, because I knew it was just a matter of time before this issue presented itself.  The mainstream media are saying through their source the Chief may release the body cam footage as early as tomorrow, but that it hasn’t been confirmed.  Hmmmph, we shall see how long it takes and if the implementation of this new Bill come into play on whether we’ll get to see it or not.

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