mary-j-blige-3Hip Hop Songstress Mary J Blige has come under fire in the African-American community yet again for her coonery she’s displayed in the last 5 years.  It was just 3 1/2 years ago she did that super racist Burger King Music Video and people had just start forgetting about that, than she turns around and serenades Hillary Clinton a message about Police Violence.  A Piss poor message if you ask me, as she comes off like an arch nemesis of Harriet Tubman. See video below if you’ve missed it…

Her Response to #BlackTwitter and anybody who had a problem with her ad, Mary had this to say….


What’s disappointing is Mary J Blige has a unique voice, one that if she used singing more positive, uplifting music she could make a killing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to pull off a full on Gospel album!  Which is exactly what Mary is missing in her life pulling stunts like this.

For her to think that her response to everyone should be “STFU” is very distasteful and tactless, considering she want’s us to buy into the fact she want’s to effect change in the Black Community.  Her response should have been more than just 5 words and hash tags, Mary should have touched on the message she was intending to relay when she sung them.

That’s why nobody can take her seriously, because she stayed in the background so many years and her fans don’t know her anymore.  Mary need’s a reality show, a radio hosting position or to be apart of some panels on social media or TV.  Because in order for her to have the impact she want’s on Black America musically or politically she’s going to have to be vocal on her thoughts and efforts in both.

Whoever is her Publicist, PR or Manager needs to stop trying to make her relevant to youth today and focus on the 80’s baby’s and the millennial children they conceived and raised who grew up listening via they mama or daddy musical preference for you.

mary-j-blige-4P.S. Open your eyes and sing next time or bring back them dark a** shades you use to wear!  I don’t care, either way learn how to be more visibly sincere and what you should of been listing off is the names we’ve lost to Police Violence and asking Cops to be Polite.. O & BTW I think there’s more people asking you to S*T*F*U and you are the Crab in the Barrel you speak of, as you’ve been trying to climb back out of that same Barrel for years. In the words of Lenethia “Ne Ne” Leakes BOOP!


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