solangeSolange is coming for her seat at the table and every since the explosive Elevator blow up between her and Brother In-Law Shawn Carter she’s been the center of attention.  Everybody’s looking to see if they go catch her snapping on anybody again, or utilize her artistic expression to tell her side of the story.  And this Album could be the Diary everyone has been waiting on.

The simple fact that the incident was the first and last time you heard or saw her go off in public, lets me know that Jay-Z wasn’t, no good!  She’s a Cancer like me so we have short fuses but we get over stuff real quick, we don’t hold on to emotion like that.  It flows through us like water.solange3I’m excited to see what knowledge she drops in this new Album,  I think her creativity has been muffed out by her sister’s fame, but so has so many other great artist who dare come for the Queen Bee.  But now that people see she has the writing skills & singing chops to compete , the veil is slowly being lifter on how awesome Solange Knowles is.  I love going to her Instagram it’s the best collection of World Travel, Life, History and Art that I’ve seen thus far. Check her out @SaintRecords.

A Seat at The Table is set to drop tomorrow 09/30/2016 on Saint Records/Columbia digitally everywhere.  You can also check out the Digital Book she posted online with the lyrics and the tracklist-A Seat at The Table Digital Book

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