rza3WU-TANG Klan member & Actor RZA has had enough of Azealia Banks lies in reference to what occurred last weekend, when she was abruptly put out of Russell Crow’s hotel party. According to Banks Russell Crow tried hitting on her and when she spurned his advances, it reportedly started a tit for tat conversation in regards to insults.   From which Banks thought was a friendly banter which went side ways when Crow couldn’t handle it.-Russell Crow Put’s Azealia Banks Out of Party, RZA Embarrased!?.

RZA was intending on staying silent, but when Banks went on record with TMZ & Social Media calling him a chump for “not protecting” her,  he had to speak up.  Check what RZA had to say below…

rza rza2

Of course that’s what happened, why would anyone believe other wise.  Banks’s is a known liar and psychopath who has the tendency to be a flagrantly disrespectful a** hole.  So I don’t believe her and Pray that she get somewhere and sit down before she picks a fight with the wrong person.

Someone get Russell Brand one of Chris Brown’s “This B*tch Lying” T-Shirts!-Chris Brown Capitalizes Off Of Assault Accusation..  It would be even more hilarious if they both did a skit on SNL or maybe a movie together that’s based loosely off both their situations.. I’d watch it.

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