israel-adrienne-houghtibIt’s been a long time coming for ex 3lw member Adrienne Bailon as she’s suffered through countless failed engagements.One of those engagements being with ex Robert Kardashian, who himself hit a milestone by becoming a father for the first time.  The couple tied the knot in Paris this past weekend, the same place they’d gotten engaged.  And as strange as Israel & Adrienne’s relationship may be to some, because of all his cheating & outside kids from his previous marriage. 

This one is the one that’s going to change the Gospel’s singer’s whoring ways and his faithfulness is going to stick for good.  How dense can one be to believe this?  I’ll never know, but if Adrienne’s drinking the Kool-Aid than so be it, I mean she is the one who married him after 6 1/2 month or so of dating.adrienne-bailon

Now that she’s followed in Tamar’s Footsteps and gotten her a Teddy Rupschin she can continue to emulate her ex co-host and drop another album or a baby  whichever comes first I suppose.  I’d wait a few years to do either considering she’s going to need every moment she has to keep an eye on this man.

adrienne-bailon-2Good Luck Adrienne! Your going to need it..

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