054e6-tiandtiny  After 11 years, 3 kids and 6 years of marriage together the Clifford & Tameka Harris have decided to call it quits.  I know your thinking, people always saying that these two are getting a divorce for one reason or another.  In this case receipts have been posted and you won’t believe who filed first..Months after giving birth to daughter Heiress Diane Harris,  Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris has sought out a dissolution of her marriage to Clifford T.I. Harris in a Atlanta,GA Municipal Court.  And just as recently has December 7th, according to the receipt’s that have been posted by TheDirty.Com



It was just the middle of August, when I reported that Tiny was done with T.I. and had moved out of their marital home, into her own luxurious mansion in Upscale Atlanta.  That an she was ready for a divorce from her two-timing, jealous and not very intelligent husband T.I.-Tameka Harris Moved Out On T.I. & Ready For a Divorce.

Her filing for divorce comes as no shocker to me or any of Super Star Status Faithful readers, so let’s put this on the “I told ya so” board.

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