jayzShawn Jay-Z Carter taking in a game with his family, sitting next to his soon to be eldest child Blue Ivy.  Blue is growing to be such a beautiful and spirited little lady.

chanceChance the Rapper and his little lady,  she laying on his head like “wake up, daddy!”.  So Cute.

waleRapper Wale and his adorable little girl cuddling on the couch.  My wish is to just squeeze those little cheeks.


DJ Khaled and his son are the cutest thing on earth to watch, he encourages and constantly repeats affirmations to his son everyday.  Which is very special and inspiring to see.  I hope other father’s take heed and watch, cause this young man has already been written.  According to his father he’s a Don.dj-khaled-2What a darn cutie pie..

john-legendJohn Legend playing away on the Piano with Daughter Luna.  A first for him and wife Chrissy Teigen.  A lot of people forget his last name isn’t actually Legend, but Stephens.  So Luna Stephens is growing up fast and is as cute as a button.

john-legend2What a well behaved and poised baby…lol how cute.

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