I’m all for job creation and building up the economy, so I’m excited to hear about the possibility of them building one here.  That’s construction money jobs, income for the town they’ll build in as far as taxes goes.  And not to mention all the jobs and positions they’ll need to fill.  Throw on top of all the Apple and Apple IPhone products would be cheaper and immediately available when they’re first released.  As we’re no longing awaiting shipments from overseas.



MADISON, Wis. — A Taiwanese company that assembles Apple’s iPhones and other electronics is considering building a plant in Wisconsin that could employ thousands of people and give Gov. Scott Walker a huge political boost as he prepares to run for re-election.
A person with direct knowledge of the negotiations who was not authorized to speak publicly confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the state is in talks with Foxconn. At least one other upper Midwest state, Michigan, is also pursuing the plant.
President Donald Trump alluded to negotiations with an unspecified company during a visit to Milwaukee on Tuesday, saying Walker might get “a very happy surprise very soon.” Trump said “we were negotiating with a major, major incredible manufacturer of phones and computers and televisions.”

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