MURDER INC Co-Founder & CEO Irv Gotti sat down with Flex Master Flex and dropped some juicy tidbits on his past and addressing old rumors.  Ashanti became a topic of discussion, now you know Flex messy a** couldn’t help himself and cornered Irv into answering the question apparently everybody over the age of 30 wants to know. “Did Irv Gotti & Ashanti ever date?”, i.e. smashed?

Flex straight up told him he’d heard rumors in the past that Irv and Ashanti were hooking up and Irv hesitated at first but he finally manned up and admitted that they were indeed dating at one point in time.

 If your anything like me, your probably wondering “when the hell did all this happen?”.  Considering social media and technology wasn’t set up the way it is now as it was back in the day.  This must of been some low key gossip, cause from what I understood back then she was smashing all of Murder Inc.  (Shrugs Shoulders). 

But apparently it was just Irv Gotti, hmmph!







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