carey kelly

Everybody has their opinion on whom they think molested R.Kelly since its been revealed by his brother via “Surviving R.Kelly” that they were touched as children by a family member.Even I suspected Robert’s mother, judging from the way he described how he enjoyed sipping coffee from the lip stick stained part of her coffee cup;  Admitting he was so in love with his mother, he asked his mother too Marry him.  So I assumed it was her.  But according to Carey Kelly it wasn’t their mother, but it was still close too home.

Although Carey refused to share via the documentary he did take time last year to go into detail with Tasha K of “Unwine W/Tasha K” that it was their own older sister who molested them both.  With his molestation beginning at the tender age of six.

According to Carey Kelly his sister hasn’t owned up to her wrong doing til this day. Even after he informed her, he’d forgive her.  Her reply was she didn’t know what he was talking about.

Check out the full video above to get the rest of the deets…

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