New Music KRS One “I Cant Breath” Ft.Samuel Jackson

icbI’m not quite sure who convinced actor Samuel Jackson to participate in this musical collaboration with artist such as Sticky Fingaz, KRS One, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli & Brother J.  But I must say it’s was quite unexpected and informative with all they had to say.  Sam starts off the intro and lays into the hook while the other artist added to the hooks.

Hip Hop has begun to take a turn in the past few weeks with all the recent death, murders and shootings involving law enforcement and police officers against citizens and vice versa.  A lot of A List Celebrities and Artist are making their voices heard and revealing how they feel about in what all has transpired so far, some in ways more artistically then others.

The reason I say that is others in the Hip Hop community such as Snoop Dogg & The Game decided to take their frustration to the streets and held a rally/protest this past Friday that led them down to an LAPD Precinct in which they were able to have open dialogue with the Mayor & Chief of Police of Los Angles-See Here Rappers The Game & Snoop Lead Peaceful Protest to LAPD Station.

I think this is a positive image that these African American men are portraying and much needed in the midst of the turmoil that’s transpired so far.  We can only Pray that as American’s we can get back to a healthy norm and as African Americans we can create a better future to look forward to when it comes to our relationships with Law Enforcement.  Check out the track below..



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