kanye-west-lostWe’ve all wondered at points and events in Kanye’s career/life had he lost his d**n mind, whelp one of his good friends Producer Malik Yusef lays that question to rest with an answer.  An answer that will may you go, WTF!  All I’m saying is say a prayer for the brother.

On the Grammy’s Red Carpet last night there was a lot of “Who’s, Who’s” of the Industry and PopSugar Correspondent’s just so happened to stop Malik on his way down.  They inquired on Kanye West whereabouts, as he was a no-show at the awards ceremony.  A Ceremony in which is he was nominated for 8 Grammy’s, none of which he won.  But of course to be nominated is an accomplishment in that of its own.

Malik’s response was some what puzzling as no one was expecting what he had to say.
“I went to his house recently, sat for six-seven hours”.  “Just walking through his health and recovery”… “His memory is coming back”.   See Video Below..

Wait! What?  His memory is coming back?  I never knew he’d lost his memory, or maybe we weren’t suppose to know.  I doubt it’s something as an artist you want to go around broadcasting.  And I’m sure Malik Yusef is bound to face some backlash from the Kardashian Klan.

The reason I say Pray for Kanye, is no telling what they done to him while he was on that 51/50 hold.  Unless this is a ploy to explain and negate his way back to some of his fans who left when he started supporting Trump.  Other than that based off of what Malik’s saying,  Kanye basically lost his d**n mind.

Kanye & Kim stayed home plotting on how to upstage Beyonce’s pregnancy and Grammy Wins.  Remember it was towards the end of last year he went on that rant saying how he tired of Beyonce being able to negotiate her Wins, for performances.  Hmmmph! Now he got memory loss?  I bet.  I don’t think he’s ready to face Jay & Bey.. What do you think?



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